Friday, January 18

Of delicate petals

A lush bouquet of handmade fabric flowers. Hopefully a pleasant update for this new year. Inquire today at to have it in your colour choice :)

Till then, take care! And happy new year!



Sunday, December 9

Royal petals

Not yet a cake update, just sharing a project we did recently in September. 500pcs Peahoney ordered by the High Commission of Brunei, KL for the royal family of Brunei. Was truly delighted and honored to receive such order :)

Saturday, December 8

A cake date

Bingkisan timur tengah

A special hantaran made for a long time friend. Suka sgt jadi upload satu2. hehehe.

 Modern sirih. Design wasn't originally mine, but opted for practicality to travel well :)