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Flower arrangement for gift trays

Hello, readers! (Is there any? the chatbox is silent, but i can see the page views increasing. If you are here, dropping by or browsing through the blog, do speak up! Say hi. Don't worry, i don't bite! hehehe).
Maybe those who have visited this site might not be clear on what actually we are doing. Okay, let's see what can we do. Anggerik Weddings offer a service to make handmade gifts for you, mainly for gift trays (and also sirih junjung). Apart from that, we also make bunga telur, doorgifts and flower arrangement. Basically we offer three types of flower material for hantaran:

For those who love crystal-like flowers, we have dip flowers to adorn your gift trays. These crystal flowers are available in multiple colours, so you can pick the colour to suit the theme of your day.

As you can see, the above picture shows one in blue colour, and here's another one in red:

I would recommend these if you are looking for something that looks exclusive.

Okay, next we have is organza flowers. This may be suitable for those who prefer something that is soft-looking, but still shimmers and exclusive. And yes, the colour you can choose for is endless.

Above is a sample of peach organza flowers adorned with gold crystal flowers, small cream artificial flowers and pearl beads.

Next we have in store for you is the gim flower. This is something from the early 90's that has made a comeback. I can still recall helping my mum making this type of flower, back when I was still a kid. This is definitely the type of flower for those who like things all shine and sparkly. Gim flowers are only available in gold and silver, but fret not; we can always mix and match the ribbons of your favourite colour to adorn them!

Above is a sample of hantaran with golden gim flowers.

And if you still haven't found what you are looking for, maybe what you need is fresh flowers! Fresh flowers are simply stunning and if you have an extra budget, why not? Anggerik Weddings accepts custom orders on fresh flower arrangement for gift trays too! And if you like, we can also prepare your hand bouquet, or any flower arrangement you might need for the big day.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Drop by and say hi at, or for details and pricing. Until then, take care!

P/s: stay tuned for upcoming post on bunga telur from Anggerik Weddings!

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