Tuesday, December 20

Bunga telur collection

Hello dearies! It's our third update in this week (please do keep on reading, will you? :D) Well, as promised, i'd like to share with you guys some additions in our bunga telur collection. They are pretty pretty favours made from bunga dip with colourful ribbons and organza; a gift for the guest as a symbol of fertile union so that the newlyweds would be blessed with healthy children(S???? teehee). Let's move on to the pictures!

Peahoney in blue & white

Babybell in pink & white

 Camellia in baby blue & white

Yasmine in white, pink & gold

and if you still remember them, Ruffles :)

You may find our bunga telur interestingly different from the ones available in the market (with such lower price! Flowers like these will simply cost you more than rm20 per piece in regular retail shop. No kidding!). Our bunga telur designs are a fusion of traditional favors with a touch of modern simplicity. They are originally designed and handmade with true passion in flower making, the love for weddings and all things pretty by yours truly :)

So, watcha waiting for? They take like forever to be made so order yours today! hehehehe. (but seriously no kidding, they do take such time to be made, so do order yours early ya?) Drop us a hi at anggerikweddings@gmail .com and have them in your favourite colours for your big day.

That's all for now. Oh ya, dont forget to like us Facebook, alright? Till then, take care! :D


  1. salam alayk,akak.

    amek berapa ye satu kalau nak dalam 50 pink n 50 blue?

    PM dekat amy_smarty89@yahoo.com
    thanks a bunch!^^

  2. salam,

    minta PM harga untuk ambil 100 utk blue and white di nuraizat1984@yahoo.com

  3. Hi, I'm from Sabah, is it possible to place orders? are the prices different for the bunga telur? I think i'm most interested in Yasmine. How much will it cost me if i want 300 of those? Thanks.