Monday, December 19

Mellow yellow

Hi dearies! A quick update before dinner tonight (and yes, today it rained again!). Wanna share with you guys a bunga telur project we did recently for Miss Nori.

The proposed design. Nori chose to have Peahoney in yellow combinations and Babybell in purple & white.

purple petals drying

left : Babybell in purple & pink
right : Peahoney in pale yellow & pink

Flowers, flowers flowers. All handmade!

Peahoney in bright yellow & white


Packed and ready to be delivered!

I wanna say thank you so much Nori for entrusting me with the flowers. Hopefully they are to your liking, and congratulations ya? :D

Wanna know more about our bunga telur collection? Stay tune for next upcoming post, or just say  hi at today! (or tonite?  heheh)

Till then dearies, take care and tata!

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  1. salam
    bolih bagi tau
    berapa harga 1pcs utk yg Babybell in purple & pink,Peahoney in pale yellow & pink
    berapa pcs minimum order
    terima kasih