Friday, December 30

RV engagement cupcakes for Ain

Hello and assalamualaikum readers. How are u all? Dah makan? Dah minum? Dah tgk ombak rindu? (kat youtube hihihi). Dah complete this year's resolution? Next year macam mana pula? Today i wanna share with you guys more photos of the cupcakes that Ain ordered for her friend's engagement. Let's start with some behind-the-scene photos, shall we?

guns vines..

..and roses

sexy bows in rows

pink tounges. eh bukan. flaps for the bows, and on the right is leaves and more wigglyswigglyquiggly vines.

owhrait, let's move on to the completed cake then!

i made 16 of them in three different designs.

one is topped with rose bouquet,
one is with a bow and three yellow rosebuds,
and another with an open rose, rosebuds and pearl embelishments.

some close ups :D

roses roses roses

pearl embelishments. too bad i dont have any pearl lustre that time :(

and some more RV cupcakes with simple creamcheese swirl + gumpaste flowers for the family

the engagement cupcake set

Thank you for another order Ain. It's always a pleasure to receive orders from you. Lama tak jumpa, baby & mummynye sihat ke? :)

Owrait then, i'm off to go send a wedding card for printing. I'll blog it sometime later, ok?
Till then, i wish you all the best for next year, may it be blessed with success, happiness and all things lovely one could wish for :) Take care lovelies, do keep reading and see you next year! :D


  1. Salam.. aqmal pakai kaler ape ye.. bleh bg color code sjalu tak.. cantek sgt...

    1. salam syila, mostly sy pakai starbrand colouring je, tp ratio colour tu adjust ikut tone yg dikehendaki. cthnya hijau smtimes i'll add a bit of yellow, and kalau nk peach sy cmpur merah with a bit of yellow or orange. kalau xda tone yg sesuai baru guna wilton. alwys add d colouring bit by bit, tambah lg if xcukup terang. happy experimenting! :)