Wednesday, April 27

New edible favors

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New edible favors from us!

A - Minted Tubes
B - Candy Pyramids
C - Candy Bonbons ( u might have seen them before here)

All items are high handmade quality, and are adorned with personalized tags :D

For more info, please do not hesitate to drop questions via (or a slice of cheesecake on my doorstep would be nice too :P)

Friday, April 15

Hello April

Hye hye readers. How's your April so far? Hopefully it has been good for you, especially for those who's getting hitched anytime soon :). Here's a little update on our recent projects:

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We did 7 trays of engagement gifts; 4 trays of gifts decorated with red anemone crystal flowers, alongside with Sweet Roses Cake, a sirih junjung with pink roses and chrysanthemums in shades of pink/ lilac, and also a simple fruit basket with small fresh flower decoration on the side.

The chosen tone is pinkish red with hints of gold.  I've always adored anemones with that black contrasting center. Well, I don't think they are available in the florist here, do they? So I tried making them using dip, and.. voila!

Well, the result may not be exactly the same as fresh anemones ( its a totally different kind of effect), but hey, the glossy petals and contrasting center do look pretty, rite?

please click on the image for a larger viewing

I would say it's a successful experiment for them red anemones. If you are looking for something different for your gift arrangement, why not drop us a hi at We are always excited to explore on new options and ideas, anytime, any day  :)