Friday, March 23

Floral Crown Cake

Intoducing the latest creation from our hot little oven: The Floral Crown Cake!

Floral Crown Cake-hantaran set. One 6 inches cake with 12 little cupcakes in complementing design.

Pretty petite cake heavily adorned with handrolled sugar flowers. Notice the white filler flowers a la Petalsweet? Loving them to bits!

Cake is covered in fondant & piped with royal icing.

More close-ups

Pretty petals in pink and peachy tones. 

Here's another one in purple, pink and green tones, finished with lime green satin bow.

Close-ups. This time it's just a single cake.

Pretty? You can have them as a single cake, a set, or.. a cake tower! Here's one in pink and blue, with 45pcs little cuppies prettily showcased on our 3-tier acrylic stand. More pictures on this cake tower coming soon!

So, had enough eye candy for tonight? I'm off to sleep, hope you have the sweetest dream of cakes and candies and everything fancy in slumberland tonight! Tata!


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    1. cari calon cepat..hehe pastikan tokey balak untuk buat kertas..hahaha

    2. cari tokey sustainable materials lah sbb balak dh nk abis :P

  2. hai as! thank u thank u thank u! :D

  3. rasa nak cpt kawin bila tgk cake ni :p

  4. hehe. kek yg menyeru ke arah perkahwinan ek :P
    thanx for dropping by Solehah! :)

  5. hahah due2 kawan zam..heheheh ...

  6. Salams
    Saya nak order bunga telor 2000 untuk January 2013.
    Can email me supaya boleh bincang?
    Terma kaseh

  7. Hai, boleh emailkan harga ntk 30 biji cupcakes and floral crown cake ni? Thanks :)

  8. Hi how much like this cake if using buttercream instead of fondant?
    email me at