Thursday, April 5

Anggerik Weddings in the media :)

Last February, I received a call from Fatin, a journalist in the all-time favourite wedding magazine published by Karangkraf (can you guess which magazine is it already? hehe). We were invited to do a photoshoot of hantaran arrangement with given theme (Modern & Unique).
So then appointments were made, flowers were carefully picked, pretty photos were taken & processed, and Alhamdulillah, our hantaran will be featured in the shiny pages of May issue in Pesona Pengantin, available tomorrow! So make sure you'll drop by your local magazine shop to get fresh new copies of that hot selling magazine! I can't wait for it myself, will definitely drop by the shop first thing tommorow morning :D (lepas gosok gigilah tapi :P) . For Fatin & Ben (and her friend!), thank you so much for the opportunity & trust given, we are truly honoured to be working with you guys and be included in a magazine that needs no introduction :D
So until you get that copy in hand, let's have a look on some behind-the-scene photos first, shall we?

frilly purple petals

corduroy bows

sneak peek! Fresh flower hantaran for Modern theme

all white cake


fruitfull bouquet

classic sirih pleats

lush peachy flowers

Unique hantaran theme : handmade fabric flowers!

cupcakes! can you see how the gumpaste flowers mimics that orange fabric flower?

Ben and Fatin busy at work :)

the completed hantarans.

I was also informed by Fatin that the Karangkraf team will be selling their May issue at Pameran Pengantin in PICC tomorrow. So for all the busy bride-to-be, you can get the copy there while browsing creations for your big day! Fret not!
I would also like to address a heartfelt thank you for my darling cousins Hidayat & Riza, for some of the props loaned :). Will definitely blog about these hantaran in details soon, alrite? See you tomorrow in the magazine! hehee. Take care peeps!


  1. Wah...dah jadi bisness women! siap masuk majalah times! ehh...bukan...majalah pesona pengantin...

  2. majalah kahwin time :P. alhamdulillah, rezeki tuhan bagi. beli jgn tak beli yong! heee..

  3. the all white cake is SOOOOOO LOVELY! sampai as rasa nak pingsan ^__^

    1. thank you As :). jgn pingsan nanti siapa nk siapkan guestbook cantik2 tu? hehe. masa buat cake tu actually i was pressed for time, so decided to go with a simple cake, playing more with texture. Thank god plan B worked! :P