Thursday, June 7

Paper White

As promised, another bouquet tonight for you darling readers. This was assigned by Pesona Pengantin Team for a photo shoot of the ever-so-lovely Irma Hasmie. They requested for an all-white bouquet; any flowers but not roses. So i came up with this combination of 60 pieces paper-white carnations (they are so pretty and suci in person! hehe) with a touch of white chrysanthemum pingpongs. Playing with natural textures of ruffles and frills.Terima kasih kepada team Pesona Pengantin; Marliana (asst. editor), and Fatin (wartawan) :). Enjoy the photos!

Then i finished off the bouquet with a simple grey satin bow with pearl adornment, individually hand stitched to perfection :)

Apart from them being in a single tone, it's interesting to see how amazing the frills and textures of the flowers, isn't it? The beauty of God's creation, Subhanallah :)

That's all for tonight, i hope to see you in another update, soon. I'm leaving you off to sleep tonight with some photos by the talented Azwan Talib of Hazimah & Mahfidz's wedding. A lovely wedding indeed (tahniah adik adik! :D)

Hantaran, cakes and hand bouquet by Anggerik Weddings.

See you soon! Take care and carry on reading!




Hello hello dearies,

Long time no see eh? ehehhehe. First and foremost, please please do apologise on my absence in the blogging world. Did you miss me? ekekekke. If you've been wondering where in the world is this perempuan yg tak update2 belog dia ni, well, im happy to tell you that i'm still (thankfully) alive and breathing and Anggerik Weddings is still up in bussiness as usual! I really don't have any excuse to made up (apart from juggling betweenthe flowers and family that includes a lively, very active 2 YO son :I), so why don't we move straight to the eye candy that i have for you at this very late hour of the night? ehehehe.

Do you know that we also do hand bouquets for you big day? A bouquet so pretty, fit perfectly as arm candy for your day! (apart from the OTHER perfect guy arm candy on your other hand :P) So tonight i'm gonna share with you a hand bouquet project that have been recently assigned by the Pesona Pengantin Team. I have two bouquets made, the other one will be in the following post, alrite? Here's the first one; Chantilly, a bouquet as pretty as the (made up) name :P. Enjoy the pictures! :)

Soft pink & cream roses, baby blue hydrangea and some orchids.

The weaving of ribbon is an impromptu addition. I didn't have any bigger green ribbon in hand, so was somehow trying to achieve a bigger effect despite their small size. Am liking it, how bout u? :D

 Thank you again Pesona Pengantin team, for the kind invitation :)
And speaking of Pesona Pengantin, did you manage to spot these two of our creation in their June edition?

More on that later later, ok darlings?

See you in a bit with another post! :)