Friday, December 30

RV engagement cupcakes for Ain

Hello and assalamualaikum readers. How are u all? Dah makan? Dah minum? Dah tgk ombak rindu? (kat youtube hihihi). Dah complete this year's resolution? Next year macam mana pula? Today i wanna share with you guys more photos of the cupcakes that Ain ordered for her friend's engagement. Let's start with some behind-the-scene photos, shall we?

guns vines..

..and roses

sexy bows in rows

pink tounges. eh bukan. flaps for the bows, and on the right is leaves and more wigglyswigglyquiggly vines.

owhrait, let's move on to the completed cake then!

i made 16 of them in three different designs.

one is topped with rose bouquet,
one is with a bow and three yellow rosebuds,
and another with an open rose, rosebuds and pearl embelishments.

some close ups :D

roses roses roses

pearl embelishments. too bad i dont have any pearl lustre that time :(

and some more RV cupcakes with simple creamcheese swirl + gumpaste flowers for the family

the engagement cupcake set

Thank you for another order Ain. It's always a pleasure to receive orders from you. Lama tak jumpa, baby & mummynye sihat ke? :)

Owrait then, i'm off to go send a wedding card for printing. I'll blog it sometime later, ok?
Till then, i wish you all the best for next year, may it be blessed with success, happiness and all things lovely one could wish for :) Take care lovelies, do keep reading and see you next year! :D

Tuesday, December 20

Bunga telur collection

Hello dearies! It's our third update in this week (please do keep on reading, will you? :D) Well, as promised, i'd like to share with you guys some additions in our bunga telur collection. They are pretty pretty favours made from bunga dip with colourful ribbons and organza; a gift for the guest as a symbol of fertile union so that the newlyweds would be blessed with healthy children(S???? teehee). Let's move on to the pictures!

Peahoney in blue & white

Babybell in pink & white

 Camellia in baby blue & white

Yasmine in white, pink & gold

and if you still remember them, Ruffles :)

You may find our bunga telur interestingly different from the ones available in the market (with such lower price! Flowers like these will simply cost you more than rm20 per piece in regular retail shop. No kidding!). Our bunga telur designs are a fusion of traditional favors with a touch of modern simplicity. They are originally designed and handmade with true passion in flower making, the love for weddings and all things pretty by yours truly :)

So, watcha waiting for? They take like forever to be made so order yours today! hehehehe. (but seriously no kidding, they do take such time to be made, so do order yours early ya?) Drop us a hi at anggerikweddings@gmail .com and have them in your favourite colours for your big day.

That's all for now. Oh ya, dont forget to like us Facebook, alright? Till then, take care! :D

Monday, December 19

Mellow yellow

Hi dearies! A quick update before dinner tonight (and yes, today it rained again!). Wanna share with you guys a bunga telur project we did recently for Miss Nori.

The proposed design. Nori chose to have Peahoney in yellow combinations and Babybell in purple & white.

purple petals drying

left : Babybell in purple & pink
right : Peahoney in pale yellow & pink

Flowers, flowers flowers. All handmade!

Peahoney in bright yellow & white


Packed and ready to be delivered!

I wanna say thank you so much Nori for entrusting me with the flowers. Hopefully they are to your liking, and congratulations ya? :D

Wanna know more about our bunga telur collection? Stay tune for next upcoming post, or just say  hi at today! (or tonite?  heheh)

Till then dearies, take care and tata!

Saturday, December 17

Alifa & Zahari, JB

Hello sweetiepies! How are u guys doing in this wet & rainy school holiday season? As i'm writing, its raining here in Shah Alam as well! Takpe2, hujan tu kan rahmat, right?

I'm finally uploading the photos of hantaran arrangement for Alifah & Zahari that we did last November. We did 9 trays of sweet, candy-coloured flowers arrangement for the bride side, as well as handbouquets for both JB & Kelana jaya reception. The bride requested for specific flowers and colour for her hantaran; using eustoma, roses and pink statice flowers. Such pretty and sweet choice!! Time for the pictures!! :D

Remember these cupcakes? (yg i janji nk upload on Nevember tp br dpt upload now heheh :P)
They fit perfectly on the glass tier with the flowers alongside :)
Pretty indeed!

If you are interested, do email us on them ya? Available in rich chocolate cupcake or RV, or any flavour that you want me to make them in ;)

A modern twist on fruit arrangement :D

pretty wedding cake by bride's sister :)

..and the flower bouquets (1st pic credit to Ofey, 2nd pic credit tlg pegang to Ofey too. Thanx Ofey :D )

..and to my dear Alifa, congratulations and thank you again. We pray that you both have a blessed married life, years and years ahead. InsyaAllah.

That's all for now. Till then, tata and keep reading darlings!

Wednesday, November 23

While we were away

Salam and good evening to all the lovely readers! We are finally back, safe and sound in Shah Alam again :D. Wanna share with you guys on what we've been up to last few (silent) weeks. We have here three cake projects, and some pretty pretty fresh flowers hantaran and hand bouquets. However, this is just a sneak peek. Do wait for the full post on each project, will ya? Enjoy the photos!

Teenie tiny handmade gumpaste flowers

Hantaran cake set for Baiyah, Shah Alam

Hantaran cupcakes for Ain, KL

Alifa & Zahari, JB
Picture credits Affizie Idris

The beautiful bride with our signature ombre hand bouquet.
Get it while its hot, b2b!!

Fresh flowers hantaran and hand bouquet for Alifa, JB

Hand bouquet for Alifa's reception, Kelana Jaya

(the above three pictures are from the pretty pengapit, Ofey :D )

Yellow roses hantaran cake for Azrulzarina, Kluang

Pretty pretty fresh flowers hantaran for Hajar & Yutaro, Klang.

Till then, take care and keep reading!