Saturday, December 17

Alifa & Zahari, JB

Hello sweetiepies! How are u guys doing in this wet & rainy school holiday season? As i'm writing, its raining here in Shah Alam as well! Takpe2, hujan tu kan rahmat, right?

I'm finally uploading the photos of hantaran arrangement for Alifah & Zahari that we did last November. We did 9 trays of sweet, candy-coloured flowers arrangement for the bride side, as well as handbouquets for both JB & Kelana jaya reception. The bride requested for specific flowers and colour for her hantaran; using eustoma, roses and pink statice flowers. Such pretty and sweet choice!! Time for the pictures!! :D

Remember these cupcakes? (yg i janji nk upload on Nevember tp br dpt upload now heheh :P)
They fit perfectly on the glass tier with the flowers alongside :)
Pretty indeed!

If you are interested, do email us on them ya? Available in rich chocolate cupcake or RV, or any flavour that you want me to make them in ;)

A modern twist on fruit arrangement :D

pretty wedding cake by bride's sister :)

..and the flower bouquets (1st pic credit to Ofey, 2nd pic credit tlg pegang to Ofey too. Thanx Ofey :D )

..and to my dear Alifa, congratulations and thank you again. We pray that you both have a blessed married life, years and years ahead. InsyaAllah.

That's all for now. Till then, tata and keep reading darlings!


  1. you are welcome, dear :) cantik2 hantaran u.

  2. thanx ofey. bunga2nya mmg dh cantik, i susun2 sket je. heheee ;)

  3. Ok..aku suke..aku chop nnt aku kasi
    Spec yg aku nak eh? datin gituw...hahaahhahahahaahha