Thursday, March 22

Erina & Faiz handmade wedding part 2

Salam dearies,

(semalam janji nk update lagi petang2 sket, tapi terpergi ikea pulak (T_T). jadi hari ni kita update 3 post ya. tunggu dua, percuma satu :O)

So what do you think of Erina's hantaran? Hope u liked it as much as the bride did :).
Before we move on to the cake pictures, i'd like to share with you some early ideas and inspirations we had for her pretty pretty cake :

Erin sent me a picture of how she wants the cake to be (white cake with blue heart cut-outs picture on the upper left). She also gave me the permission to alter the cake design accordingly, so i came up with 3 different cake design. She end up choosing the cutest one (bottom right in the picture above), that comes with a cute handmade couple topper. Let's have a look at more pictures, shall we?

Yes yes, it's a cake tower! A 3-tier acrylic cake stand; our new exclusively handmade product just for you! Just the perfect way to display your pretty wedding cake, alongside with cute little cupcakes too(so the cake wont be lonely ehe..). Ready for more pictures?

One 6 inches rich chocolate cake with 40pcs 2.5oz cupcakes, with handmade couple topper.


  White fresh flowers on the side

 The cute cupcakes in pink, blue and white.

Do you like it? If you want to know more, just drop me an email or PM me on my FB. Next upcoming post will be more on the couple topper, ok? Bubbye for now!

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