Wednesday, September 7

Pink, purple, and pastel-y

Hello hello again! A second update for tonight, 'bayar hutang' for those who've been waiting patiently for updates from us :)

I'd like to share a recent flower arrangement we did for a marriage proposal. A simple arrangement for the ring tray using roses in pink and champagne colour, purple chrysanthemums, baby's breath and some purple + green leaves the name i know not :P.

Simple arrangement using your typical chrysanthemums and roses, with fragrant bunga rampai. Sorry hydrangeas and eustomas, I have to do justice to them the everyday-available-flowers :P

Front and back of arrangement

Together with the ring tray is a basketful of sweet red apples, also with fresh flowers arrangement on the side. They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but in this particular case, a basket of apples keep the doctor close at heart :p

That's all for now, i'm off to beraya! hehehe!
Tata & take care!


  1. colour yg sweet kan kak long? btw, thanx for linking us ya! :D