Friday, June 17

delicately sweet

Salam, readers! Hoping everybody is in the pink of health, especially to the bride-to-bes. In between your busy day job and tight preparations for your big day, don't forget to take a sip or two of plain water to hydrate yourself! After all, a healthy looking skin is the best accessories to go with that beautifully tailored dress of yours :)
We recently had the opportunity to prepare some wedding cupcakes for Kak Ziha. Pretty, dainty and chocolatey cupcakes adorned with hand rolled fondant roses and silver pearls. Congratulations kak! And thank you for ordering with us :)

 Here are some pictures to share with you:

Delicate, hand-rolled fondant roses


The cake itself is rich chocolate cupcake moistened with chocolate sauce and then topped with swiss meringue buttercream. YUMM. I secretly think that swiss meringue buttercream compliment chocolate cakes the best, but hey, that's just my personal preferences. If you are not a chocolate lover, maybe a simple butter cake or a crumbly apricot & almond cake will work for you :)

..And we make fifty of them.

Thank you again, kak Ziha!

Looking for adorable flowery cupcakes for your event? Drop your orders at today!

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  1. Sedap!!! Adehh,meleleh bila ingat betapa yummynyehh! ;)