Wednesday, June 1

Of pink petals and ribbons

hye hye readers! its been a while since our last update. we've been a bit occupied, twisting and tying ribbons and wires, so to do justice, here's some pictures to share with you guys :D

what can you make out of these stuff above? hmm..

..some bunga telur!!

Ain needed a little help to make bunga telur for her big day, with a specific flower pattern and colour scheme in mind. So we helped her make 100 of them, in light pink and white (yes, the colour are hand mixed to achieve requested tone). They should already be in Terengganu by now. Congratulations for your wedding, Ain! Semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu cicit dunia akhirat InsyaAllah..

Looking for pretty bunga telur for your big day? Drop us an email today at We offer quality dip flowers, each carefully handmade at a reasonably lower price than a retail craft shop :)

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